Generate Cover Image For Your HashNode Posts Easily

Generate a cover image for your HashNode article online.

Screenshot 2019-08-14 at 9.58.50 PM.png

Some of the features are

🌌 Generate Cover Image Online.

🖱 Drag and drop - Change content position easily

🖼 Insert image from computer

💻 Quick Insert Programming Logos (Material Icons)

🌈 Change Canvas border-radius and style

🔆 Dark / Light mode

🔛 Change canvas width, height

🎨 Customize Background, Font colours

⬇️ Download Image

Planning to add a few options like:

  • Select a pre-made template and save time ⏰

Feel free to report issues and contribute 🥰

Hit ⭐️ if you like the project 😍, Feel free to open issues 🎉


Live Demo:

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Comment your suggestions 🥰

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This is really great Jijin P. I have a suggestion, maybe you could add font change support. The UI is 🔥, great solution. Nice work handling the image size according to blogging platforms.

Yeah. Will check. Feel free to contribute 😃

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This is really cool. Thanks @PJijin


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